Great opportunities for new health care technology in France

FRANCE: The firm from Agder called Smartcare and Innovation Norway in Paris participated in the international eHealth-conference in South France in July this year.

In the mobile health competition with participants from all of Europe, Smartcare became the first runner up for their mobile application Diabetesguard. Additionally, Smartcare participated as one out of three in a pitch for the application and met with firms in the B2B-program.


Photo: Innovation Norway

“We can see a great potential for Norwegian companies in France that work with new solutions within both health technology and technology for elders. The share of elders in the population in France is constantly growing, while some regions already lack doctors. The French government views the use of new technology as a very important part of solving these challenges” – says Martin Hennum, senior advisor at Innovation Norway’s office in France.

In 2012, the eHealth market in France was at 2.4 billion € and it is expected to increase with 4-7% every year until 2017. Around 300 private and public actors now work with new solutions.


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