Spanish consumers love Norwegian salmon

SPAIN: Seafood Source, a global online portal with news about the seafood industry, recently published an article on the Spanish salmon market.

In the article Innovation Norway’s Juan Bergas Negre was interviewed. “If you ask consumers in Spain, salmon is Norwegian.” Negre said. Today Norway has about 95 percent of the market share in Spain with implies about 60,000 tons of salmon.

In the 1980 the salmon market in Spain was almost nonexistent. It consisted of about 300 tons of frozen Pacific salmon only. Negre said that Norway has played large role in increasing salmon consumption in Spain — despite the financial crisis —by 57 percent from 2007 to 2013. He said consumption of Norwegian cod also increased by 40 percent during that time.

In addition, with help from advertising efforts from the Norwegian Seafood Council, supermarkets have been able to increase the number of consumer by 2.5 million, especially in families with small children. And according to Negre, there is great potential for increasing the consumer base even further. “Spain is a big market with a long history of eating fish. Spanish consumers love to eat fish. They eat it two to three times per week,” Negre said. “Anyone knowing the Spanish market or the per capita seafood consumption compared to other European markets would know it’s a good market.”

The whole article can be found on Seafood Source´s website.

Source: Seafood Source

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