The Electrical Vehicle industry is set for growth

SPAIN: Electric Vehicle Symposium, EVS27, took place in Barcelona the 18th to the 20th of November. From Norway there were 14 companies exhibiting. In Norway there are 17 000 EVs registered, which makes Norway the country with most EVs per capita.

The Norwegian EV history began more than 20 years ago. The first highlight can be said to be in 1989 when the Norwegian pop group AHA and the environmental NGO Bellona decided to cooperate on promoting EVs in Norway. The government was inspired and in 1996 they decided to facilitate EVS by eliminating the import tax and reduce the registration fee. The following year EVs were exempted from paying road toll. In 2001 sales tax were removed, and when the EVs also were given access to the bus lanes, owning an EV became very attractive. Today, Norway is one of the countries with the strongest incentives for electrical vehicles.

Oslo has been in the lead of facilitating usage of EVs. In 2003 EVs were given access to the bus lanes in the Oslo region. This was nationalized two years later. Oslo also drove the development of charging infrastructure. Today the majority of the charging points can be found in Oslo. Internationally, Oslo is called «the electric vehicle capital of the world».

The industry is still young. Many countries have set ambitious goals for the number of EVs. In Holland, there are currently 17 000 EVs, but the goal is to increase the number to 200 000 by 2025. In 2012 Germany set a goal of having 1 million registered cars by 2020, and France has a goal of 2 million. In 2010, Spain set a goal of 250 000 registered electrical vehicles by the end of 2014. Despite the fact that Spain will not fulfil this goal, this shows that increasing the number of EVs is on the agenda here too.

The large international car manufacturers have also jumped on the trend and launched environmentally friendly vehicles. At the Electrical Vehicle Symposium BMW, Renault, Seat and Volkswagen were all represented. The fact that the large car manufacturers are present is a confirmation in itself. Electrical vehicles are the future.

This implies that there are great opportunities. This is an industry bound to grow. The question is: Who will be on the train when it takes off?

Photo: Kristin Orset

Photo: Kristin Orset

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