The first Italian offshore wind farm is looking for manufacturers

ITALY: Italy is a well-known player within the field of renewable energy, especially solar energy. But despite the country’s long coast, it does not yet operate any offshore wind farms. That is about to change as the initiative 4Power is working on the country’s first wind-farm project off the coast of Rimini in the region Emilia-Romagna.

Offshore4Power is an international initiative created to stimulate knowledge exchange between leading and less advanced regions within offshore wind energy.

This time the regional department of tourism, that usually opposes windmills at sea, is supporting the project. Collaborating with the project is also the Italian multinational oil and gas company Eni, making their offshore platform Azalea B available for necessary wind measurements.

The first measurements have been made, showing that the area is in need of turbines that can obtain a utilization factor of at least 30-35%. This is where the opportunity emerges and the competition opens; a manufacturer able to produce the blades with the correct properties could achieve great success in the Adriatic Sea. This will be the first Italian offshore wind farm, and a great opportunity for manufacturers to establish themselves in the Italian market and potentially be part of further wind farm developments along Italy’s long coast.

If this project appeals to you and your company, do not hesitate to contact Innovation Norway in Milan for further information and assistance:

Mauro Migliavacca

Senior Advisor

Innovation Norway, Italy

Tel. +39 02 85451411

Mob. +39 346 9796117


For more information about the initiative 4Power go to their website.

For an article about the project in Italian, go here.

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