Business trips to be extended for private holidays more frequently in the future

Photo: Kristin Orset

Photo: Kristin Orset

GERMANY: The American travel portal Expedia has prepared a study on the future of travel in cooperation with Egencia, its subsidiary for business trips.

The focus is on the so-called Generation Y, which is current taking its first steps in professional life. The result: in the future, Generation Y will increasingly look to combine business trips with holidays.

A global survey of professionals over 18 years of age was conducted. According to the study, in an international comparison, every second person surveyed had previously extended a business trip with a private holiday. This figure was only 25 percent in Germany. The study suggests that the German Generation Y spends money more freely on business trips. Although 43 percent of those surveyed indicated that they carefully budgeted for business trips as well as private holidays. However, of the remaining 57 percent, the majority responded that they paid more attention to their wallets on private holidays than on business trips.


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