Majority of Germans have the desire and money for holiday travel in 2014

Photo: Kristin Orset

Photo: Kristin Orset

The wanderlust of Germans remains strong in 2014. Around 56 percent of Germans are either planning or have already booked long-distance journeys this year. This was the result of a representative survey by TNS Emnid on behalf of the travel company TUI Deutschland. In particular, young people under 29 are looking to go on extended trips – 74 percent want to travel abroad. By contrast, in the over 60s bracket, only 34 percent are feeling the pull of far-off countries. The main reasons for travel, accounting for 91 percent of responses, are “Getting to know a country and its people” and “Experiencing foreign cultures”.

Overall, a quarter of Germans have already spent time at the start of the year planning their holiday travel in 2014, announces the research association FUR in their new travel analysis. According to this study, 52 percent of the population consider themselves to be in a position to go on a trip this year. About 59 percent indicated that they also have time for one. The holiday desire indicator in the travel analysis remains at the high it posted last year (53%). Only a fifth of Germans do not have the money, time or desire to go on holiday.

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