Mobile World Congress 2014 – The leading market place in the telecommunication industry – Norwegian Pavilion organized by Innovation Norway

Picture: Logo Mobile World Congress 2014

Picture: Official Logo Mobile World Congress 2014

The 9th  Mobile World Congress has taken place in
Barcelona from the 24th to the 27th of February.   The Mobile World Congress is the largest and most important Expo in the mobile industry. There exists no better platform for promoting and finding new business openings, sales and networking opportunities in the industry than on this trade fair.

An interesting fact is that you can find a real broad and diverse range of companies on this trade fair. On the one hand there are showing up the big companies, like the leading mobile operators, vendors, and content owners from all around the world, but on the other hand there are also a large amount of small and medium sized enterprises as well as startups, exhibiting and promoting their great ideas. The exhibition and conference is providing essential insights on the latest technological developments, give market opportunities, create business networks and show next-generation services and devices which are determining the mobile industry.

Innovation Norway was also participating actively on the trade fair with a national fairstand.

Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

Norwegian Stand

Innovation Norway, in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy, IKT Norway and the Norwegian mobile Association, has organized a Norwegian pavilion.

Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

This national pavilion has offered Norwegian companies, especially smaller companies and start-ups an easier way to participate as an exhibitor in this trade fair, providing a strong venue for promotion, matchmaking and networking within the global mobile industry beyond the national market. The stand was located in hall 6. There were a lot of fascinating companies on the stand like Elliptic Laboratories, MeaWallet AS, Pixavi AS, FXI Technologies AS, Moota Telecom AS, Nordic Semiconductor, Rosberg System AS and CellVision, pomoting very interesting technologies. Besides that some other Norwegian companies, like Boost Communications, Cupp Computing, Idex, Opera Software, QT Digia 8,Telenor andVizrt, had their own fair stand.


Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

Picture: Innovation Norway Madrid

One of the highlights has been the visit of the Norwegian ambassador of Spain, Johan Christopher Vibe, who came to visit the trade fair, especially to meet the Norwegian companies.

Furthermore there were a lot of different speakers contributing during the 4 days of exposition. Perhaps the most famous and hyped one of all the speakers were the famous Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, explaining the WhatsApp acquisition.

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