Light Reflexions at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm

Picture: Innovation Norway  - Sweden

Picture: Innovation Norway – Sweden

Digital Light – a Field of Possibilities in Sweden, Nordic, Europe and Global?

The 4th of February The Material Gap highlighted new conceptual avenues for the medium light far beyond its capacity to shine upon us. Light technology is on the verge to enter our everyday lives in all its dimensions in the built environment. In a collaborative effort we could give the field a final push over the tipping point.

The point of departure is of course light and how it will have an impact on how we relate to our environment,  to our health, the way we communicate, use energy etc. This transfer of technology is not given but need to be conceptualized.

The workshop was a collaboration between the organizers of The Material Gap, The Royal Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway. The participants were more than 60 participants from various disciplines. The summary was made of Karl Chr. Strømsem, Head of Energy & Environment at Innovation Norway. He told that  Innovation Norway are going to follow up the interesting opportunities with stakeholders in Norway. He mentions that a new road will be built between Kristiansund and Trondheim without any bridges, as one example where Digital Light can be used.

The evening continued with interesting seminars with the same topic at Berns Salonger. The speakers were Jenny B Osuldsen, (Partner/Director at Snøhetta AS) from Norway and Daan Roosegaarde, (Creative Director Design Lab Studio Roosegaarde ) from Netherlands, to mention a few examples.

Digital Light is definitely a field of possibilities!

Cecilia Harvig / Senior Consultant Trade – Sweden

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