German-Norwegian LNG Matchmaking: Small scale distribution for coastal and short sea shipping

Image: Innovation Norway

Image: Innovation Norway

May 6th, Oslo With new IMO-regulations entering into force in 2015, there is no time to hesitate. Ship owners, ports, public authorities and the whole maritime industry have to act. While Norway is considered a LNG-pioneer, the development has been much slower in Germany. Thus, the country faces challenges in light of new SECA rules. How will the various stakeholders respond? What options and possibilities do they have? And how can Norway benefit from this situation?

Norway has demonstrated that small scale LNG production is attractive and competitive as ship fuel and energy source for industry and road transportation. Germany has been rather hesitant and the development of LNG as a ship fuel has been slow. However, things are slowly changing with LNG terminals under development in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Brunsbüttel. Others are planned. These new developments make the German market very interesting for Norwegian companies.

This conference on May 6th in Oslo is organized in cooperation with Innovation Norway, German office. It brings together the German and Norwegian LNG-industry and will address the following topics:

  • Global overview – what has the market done so far?
  • Potential of LNG in the ports of Northern Germany
  • Practical aspects and safety, especially related to bunkering
  • Norwegian solutions for local LNG infrastructure and regional LNG terminals
  • Financial aspects

Deadline for registration: April 28th Link:

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