The Norwegian company Seatower selected to demonstrate their offshore wind foundation in France

Photo: ©

Photo: ©

Based in Oslo, Seatower designs gravity foundations for offshore wind turbines and substations. Their unique Cranefree technology – based on principles from the offshore oil & gas sector – enables offshore wind projects at deeper waters to be executed fast and cost efficiently with reduced risk and without expensive installation vessels.
Scheduled for early 2015 in the English Channel at 13 km off the coast of Normandy, Seatower will deliver a project for Fécamp development partners EDF Energies Nouvelles, DONG Energy and wpd offshore. This will be the world’s first Seatower Cranefree Gravity foundation, meaning that for the first time ever, an offshore wind foundation will be installed using only regular towing vessels.
The particularities of this project are many:
– Promise to cut construction costs and reduce installation risks for the offshore wind sector
– Concrete structure placed on the seabed, specially designed for the next generation of wind farms that will be built in deeper water and with bigger turbines
– Improved Safety and reliability: ordinary towing vessels rather than weather-sensitive crane-vessels

For Seatowers pressrelease, click here
and for their demonstration video, take a look here.
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