Norwegian IT expanding to Spain

The Norwegian start – up company CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES is trying to capture the Spanish market with the support of Innovation Norway – This might also be an opportunity for your business.

CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES is an IT-company which is highly dedicated to increase efficiency of office work and create support solution for major office tasks or repeated duties. They are focused on the development of environmental friendly IT-solutions and at the same time focusing on simplifying everyday tasks for their users, creating cloud-based solutions which help the customers to get all needed tools for administration work online, without any need for installation or internal IT department work.

They are targeting small and middle-sized companies on international markets. All their systems are developed from scratch in order to offer a complete system for their customers at the best possible price. By offering this on global basis for a large number of users, they are able to keep the prices down.

Company´s History

CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES is a Norwegian software company started by the founders Jan O. Osnes Krogh and Radim Pospisil. The company is 100% owned by them and has no investors.

The company was founded in January 2013, but there has been a long developing period before this for the products that were launched together with the founding of the company, a development that is an ongoing process in order to be in forefront of their customers needs.

They are growing rapidly and already have installed 3 offices (including Spain) abroad in addition to their head quarter in Norway.

Why did they select Spain as their first foreign Sales market?

CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES has decided to approach the Spanish market with the assistance of IN-Madrid due to the great market potential existing in this country with an important number of SMEs and entrepreneurs. With the help of IN-Madrid, Canopy is developing its market strategy by adapting their solution to the Spanish market needs. Furthermore their local representation makes it easier to scan and adapt the local customer needs as well as to create more business confidence for the customers, which is especially important in markets like Spain due to cultural reasons. Last but not least and maybe an even stronger reason for locating in Spain, is that they are taking advantage of Spain as a future gateway to Latin-America, which is one of the biggest/fastest growing markets in this IT sector. Naturally Spain is a strategically smart place to enter the Latin-American market due to cultural and linguistic—connection.

If you are a Norwegian company and believe your company is ready to go global but you might have a lack of experience in internationalization practices, don´t hesitate to contact Innovation Norway both Offices in Norway as well as abroad.

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