France: Electrical car revolution

On June 18th, the “energy transition”-law proposed by the current minister of ecology, renewable energy and energy, Ségolène Royal, is planning on creating incentives to increase the use of electric vehicles in France. The main goal is to decrease the fossil energy consumption with 30% and reach 15% of fuel from renewable energy in 2030. An ecological bonus between 6000 – 10 000 euros will be given, and will depend on the resources of the buyer and on the air quality of the region, and the scrappage of former polluting vehicles.

With this help, Royal is hoping to go from todays 25 000 electric cars in France to over 2 million by 2020. This law will as well be favorable for the electrical recharging hosts. All types of new industrial sites, for commercial and service purposes, will be forced to be equipped with electrical rechargeable engines. The goal is to have 7 million electrical loading posts by 2030.

This law also plans on authorizing electrical vehicles to drive on the “Bus and Taxi” lanes, help and promote their parking, and organize rotation circulation, meaning that some days only electrical vehicles will be allowed to drive.

France has come a long way already in terms of electrical cars, with the installation of the “AutoLib’” in Paris. This is the same system as city-bikes, the only difference being that these are cars and they are electric.

The proposed law will be discussed for implementation before the end of the summer.


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