It’s TEA time!

City of London one of the leading centres of global finance.

City of London one of the leading centres of global finance.

Innovation Norway London is hosting its second “Tech City Executive Accelerator” (TEA) programme in the next couple of weeks. TEA was founded in 2013 and is a programme targeting executives in Norwegian growth companies, and this year we have invited 8 exciting technology companies.

The programme, taking place at the Level39 incubator in Canary Wharf, focuses on three core competencies: PR & communications, advanced negotiating and business modelling/business design where we meet up for two day workshop at three different occasions during the September- November months.

Tech City in East London is Europe’s fastest growing technology hub and enjoys strong support from the UK government, as well as leading tech companies including Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel, McKinsey and Barclays.

The companies participating at this year’s TEA programme are:

Penetrace, Numascale, IWMAC, Meawallet, Videonor, mCash, Dips and Revio

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