A future for energy-plus houses in France?

 The French minister of Energy proposes a bill by which all new official buildings shall be built as “energy plus-houses”.solaris-energie-positive-com

A new report presented by Ségolène Royal, the minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, confirms that France’ climate has become warmer and rainier. To reduce France’ carbon footprint, Royal suggests that all new official buildings, including public housing, should be built as energy-plus houses.

An energy-plus house literally produce more energy than it use. This is done by the combination of microgeneration technology such as solar energy, where the building produce its own energy while needs for heating, cooling and electricity are reduced.

The flagship bill aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in France with 30% by 2030, to reduce the final energy consumption with 50% by 2050, to achieve 32% of renewable energy by 2030 and to reduce the percentage of nuclear to 50%. The minister also wishes that this policy for new constructions eventually will include private buildings.

The legislation will be discussed in the Assembly in October.

Source: www.lesechos.fr

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