Italian shops conquered by Norwegian “pink tractors” and fashion

Photo: Moods of Norway

Photo: Moods of Norway


Italian fashion market opens its doors to Norwegian fashion designers, appreciating the modern vision of Norwegian brands, with a particular focus on style and attention to high-quality fabrics. The internationalization prospective together with a qualitative attention to the products is the characteristic which definitely is more attractive for Italian retail chains. The innovative approach of the Norwegian fashion brand Moods of Norway, mixing style and fun and incorporating the sense of humour of the three designers, attracted the interest of the Italian market.

Moods of Norway, under the slogan “Happy Clothes for Happy People”, is planning its internationalization in Europe, with a particular focus on Italy. In the midst of their fun and edgy designs, they are opening three exclusive shop-in-shop stores in the leading Italian fashion retail chain Coin in Milan, Florence and Venice. This represents a great opportunity for the Norwegian brand, entering the Italian fashion scene which is viewed like “a window to the fashion world”, and it will have vast impact for the international expansion of the company. The shops within the Coin chain will be a good reference for many markets and it is also great news and a statement for Norwegian Fashion, which is able to combine Norwegian cultural heritage with vibrant fashion, and through their presence in Italy it is also a relevant contribution to strengthen and build Norway as a fashion nation.

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