Strong & solid growth in Swedes traveling to Norway

Photo: VisitNorway - Christian Houge

Photo: VisitNorway – Christian Houge

The latest SSB statistics show a continued strong and solid growth in Swedish bed nights to Norway. +3% in August, total 110.402 bed nights +6% summer (Jun-Aug), total 453.435 bed nights +6% accumulated Jan-Aug, total 786.436 commercial bed nights. This means that we so far, this year have received 43.244 new commercial bed nights compared to same period in 2013. We see an increase in all type of accommodation except for camping that shows a slight decrease. The growth for the different regions in Norway for the first eight months (Jan-Aug) looks like this: Østlandet +5% Sørlandet +2% FjordNorge +2% Trøndelag +/-0 NordNorge +19%! We are very happy to see such an increase in the numbers to Northern Norway. Our joint marketing effort together with Northern Norway Tourist Board and local partners seem to pay off. Northern Norway is an area that Swedes find increasingly interesting and that offers plenty of sights and interesting activities that fits the Swedish traveler. Information on our plans and how to join in and take advantage of the strong and solid Swedish market, visit:

If you are interested in more statistics and put together your own data, visit:

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