Norwegian Electric Vehicle cluster to Paris Motor Show




World’s most important motor show had its kickoff this Saturday in Paris. Starting October 7, the International Meeting on Green Cars (RIVE) will be held over two days. Norwegian ambassador to France, Rolf Einar Fife will open RIVE and talk about the background of Norway’s electric vehicle initiative and what Norway has done to encourage the transition to electric vehicles.




electricmobilitynorwaylogo1Leader of Norwegian Electric Vehicle cluster – Electric Mobility Norway, Leif Næss participates as speaker on the occasion of “Green Cars: Review and Prospects throughout the World”. The meeting also covers topics such as expectations regarding green cars, energy efficiency & mobility and motorsport vehicle for sustainable mobility.

RIVE’s purpose is to offer attending delegates the opportunity to participate to high-quality debates in order to provide a comprehensive review and draw the main trends of green cars. The meeting goes from the 7th – 8th October where the public decision makers and other stakeholders are expected to around 150.

Paris Motor Show

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