Flight connection between Tromsö and Oulu increases interregional business opportunities


logo_new_3January 12, Arctic Airlink started flying between Oulu in Finland and Tromsö in Norway, as an answer to numerous requests throughout many years. Troms fylkeskommune, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce and Business Oulu have thus been working hard to establish the new flight connection between Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø.

The flight takes passengers from Tromsö via Luleå to Oulu five days a week. This route will operate at least five years. Continuity is granted and financed by the city of Oulu as well as the local counties Troms fylkeskommune and Norrbotten in Sweden.

The new route will boost interregional business opportunities. It also fosters university level cooperation between the three countries. For example within medical science the regional universities already experience good long term cooperation.

Players within the Oulu business region believe that this route will have a positive cash flow and thus pay back itself to the local cities in Norway, Finland and Sweden. According to Matti Pennanen, mayor in the city of Oulu, the role of the three administrative districts is to secure an infrastructure built on highly efficient business activities in Northern Scandinavia, where people live and companies act in close cooperation with each other. After five years of business activities, the players have to prove their skills on a business level.

The flight connection also paves the way for tourists seeking the sunny Kalajärvi beaches and other resorts. Oulu is also awaiting eager Norwegian ice hockey fans who want to watch high level Finnish ice hockey.

Picture: BusinessOulu

Picture: BusinessOulu

The flights are scheduled to match connecting flights from Helsinki, Arlanda and Oslo but also from smaller airports in Sweden and Norway. Norwegian connecting flights are from Hammerfest, Kirkenes, Bodö and Svalbard. Even needs for connecting flights to Murmansk and Archangel in Russia have been taken into account. On the Oulu – Luleå – Tromsö route Arctic Airlink uses a 33-seat Saab 340, a Twin turboprop regional airliner.

Why Oulu

Oulu is the leading information and communications technology cluster in Northern Europe. In certain ICT fields, it is one of the most interesting clusters in the whole world. Being maybe the leading and most agile ecosystem in Europe, the region covers the whole value chain from design of components and devices to producing end products and services. At the moment, Oulu’s key actors within ICT operate in product and device development of mobile networks, wireless information transfer and design of wireless DTEs.

Picture: BusinessOulu

Picture: BusinessOulu

ICT competence is applied in other growing fields as well, such as life science, clean tech, mining, nuclear power, logistics and commerce. Oulu therefore offers a diverse environment for the development of new products and services right at the intersection of different industries.

OuluHealth is a forerunner in smart health. By combining expertise from Life Science and ICT, OuluHealth creates practical results and innovations which improve human wellbeing. OuluHealth brings together companies, the local hospital districts, universities and research institutes, building future healthcare and social services together.




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