Spain & the SMART Cities

Several of Spains largest cities are among the leading cities in Europe on becoming true Smart Cities. The initiatives taken by the city councils in these cities create great market opportunities. A survey published in January this year by Osborne Clarke shows that Europes top 3 countries when it comes to Smart City initiatives are the UK, Italy and Spain.

In 2015 Innovation Norway UK & Spain will launch a SMART City Program

Santander, the capital of the region of Cantabria, in the north of Spain, is probably most famous for being the home of Europes largest private bank, carrying the name of its city of origin. However, Santander also deserves to be famous for being one of the smartest cities in the world. No other city in the world has installed an equal amount of 20 000 sensors to make the city smart. The sensors are monitoring parameters such as noise, temperature, CO2 emissions, traffic density, location of public transportation, the level of garbage in garbage bins, parking spaces and so on. Some of the datas captured have obvious and direct usefulness, such as locating free parking spaces, locating the next bus coming, knowing where the garbage bins are full and so on. Other datas captured represent an infrastructure for innovation. They will be gathered and over time representing an interesting source of big data.The city of Santander is inviting entrepreneurs and innovators to settle down in their city and use the sensors and big data is infrastructure for developing new technology. Check out

A picture showing the momentary noise level in the city of Santander.








Malaga, on the southern shores of Andalucia, south in Spain, also known as the Costa del sol. MalagaSmart City has taken the lead in other aspects of the Smart City concept. Zero emissions mobility and Zero emission buildings. Entire city districts of Malaga haven been converted into living labs for e-vehicules and self-energysufficient buildings. By giving micro windmills an agreeable design they are now testing how installations affect the public areas. On this photo each lamppost is equipped with a mini windmill along the beach shore.








Energy storage is also an important issue that is being developed. Imagine for instance e-cars not in use being a part of the citys energy storing capacity.

Malaga is inviting entrepreneurs and innovating SMEs with a global perspective to enter one of their many accelerators, incubators & tech Parks. See the website

50 more cities….

In Spain the 50 largest cities have organized their own network of Smart cities in order to share experiences and create market opportunities. Have a look, and you will find plenty of interesting opportunities

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