New hospital buildings: Nordic fast track to global market

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Innovation Norway, Finpro, Swecare and Healthcare DENMARK encourage companies to create partnerships in the field of hospital technologies and equipment with other Nordic partners to enter specific markets outside Nordic countries together.

On March 24th 2015, we therefore invite you to a matchmaking event in at Odense, Denmark. This is an unique opportunity to meet your potential Nordic project partners, as well as representatives of some of the Nordic hospitals that are currently looking for the best solutions.

The format for the day will be open and dynamic, focusing on matchmaking and creating a marketplace for you to promote your ideas, research areas and solutions, and to find your Nordic collaborative partners.

Prior to the event, all company participants will be asked to write a short introduction about themselves, their organization and needs for collaborative partners, making it possible for everybody to identify individuals they wish to meet.


09.30 Registration and coffee
10.00 Welcome All 4 of the Nordic countries are building or moderating hospitals these days – but what is the status?
10.15 The vision of New Super Hospitals in DenmarkDanish Regions tells the story behind the 16 big hospital construction projects in Denmark
10.35 Nyt OUH and Universitetshospital Køge – 2 examples –       At what stage is the process?-       What technologies/equipment are they looking for?-       How does one sell solutions to the new hospitals?-       How do they screen the solutions/what specific requirements?-       How are they collaborating with private companies?
11.15 Break out sessions: A number of topics are available for exploration, discussion and development, among the companies and hospital representativesSelect between: 1)      HOSPITAL LOGITICS2)      PATIENT ROOM EQUIPMENT3)      HOSPITAL PLANNING AND TECHNICAL ADVICEA selected representative starts by presenting an issue in relation to the theme. After this, a number of companies get to pitch their product to the other participants. Use the forum to get a deeper insight into the specific area.
13.00 Lunch – Standing lunch
13.45 Speed dating and meetings: Depending on your preferences and needs, this is the time for meeting new people or setting up meetings with people you want to further explore and get to know better
The information provided before the event by the participating companies and public representatives is used to present a list of suggestions from which you can choose who you want to meet.
15.10 Where do we go from here Information from the partners behind the event.
15.30 Thank you for today


Date & Time: Tuesday, March 24th, 09.30 – 15.30

Venue: Odense, Denmark

Registration: Please register to before March 19. There is limited number of spots available for Norwegian companies so please register for the event as soon as possible. Remember to mention in which of the three break out session you want to participate.

Participation fee: Free for public participants, 700 DKK for private participants.


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