New eating habits develop business opportunities in Germany


Biomarket Alnatura Photo: Marc Doradzillo

Biomarket Alnatura
Photo: Marc Doradzillo

Germany is one of the largest organic grocery markets in Europe and a large importer of organic products. The German “Bio” market had a 4,8 % turnover increase in 2014 and a market volume of 7,91 billion Euro in total.

The new lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) is not only about food – organic and innovative products like for example organic cosmetics and cleaning supply products are available in the many bio supermarkets in German cities.

According to newspapers and magazines like Wirtschaftswoche (13.04.2014) there is a new strong food trend growing in Germany. Vegan lifestyle and vegan products are “in” and the range of vegan products, supermarkets and restaurants are increasing rapidly. This new way of nutrition lifestyle is not only filling up the stomachs of nutrition watchers in the large cities of Germany; also the wallets of entrepreneurs are enjoying the vegan boom.

Wirtschaftswoche journalist Meike Lorenzen reports that 1,5 Per Cent of the German population are now refusing eating animal products. (Which means no Cheese, no milk, no eggs, no honey and no meat.) The number might seem low compared to the number of German vegetarians (6%), but the number is rising rapidly.

For the food industry the (projected) 1,2 million vegans in Germany is a profitable target group. The large interest of the trend might indicate that the target group is above average interested in innovative, vegan Products.

Companies like Alnatura, Weleda, Lavera, Alpro and Alverde are profiting of the sustainable lifestyle boom. Especially companies producing substitute products are expanding. Even enterprises like Frosta and Dussmann are following the trend.

To read more: Wirtschaftswoche, 13. April 2014:

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