Spain, a European growth winner in 2015 – What about 2016?

 Welcome to a seminar on January 13th at Innovation Norway HQ in Akersgt 13.

spania 4Spain holds the highest economic growth rate in the Eurozone in 2015 by 3.4%. The growth path is forecasted to continue in 2016. What are the consequences of the election that was held on December 20th 2015 to this development?

The new National Assembly convenes January 13th and it will take time to form a new government. It is suggested that the establishment of a parliamentary majority can be so difficult that it triggers a new election in May. What does this mean for the further development in Spain? Will one be able to continue the tight fiscal policy in line with the requirements of the Eurozone? Will the reforms in the Spanish economy continue? Will Spain still be able to show one of the highest growth rates in the Eurozone and continue to create jobs? What does this mean for you as an investor or exporter to Spain?

Do you want to hear more about all this? Come to Innovation Norway’s canteen in Akersgt 13, Wednesday 13/1, 17-19.

Among the speakers you will hear Norway’s Ambassador to Spain, Johan Vibe and Spain’s ambassador to Norway, Antonio López Martinez.

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The opportunities for Norwegian industry are still great as never before in Spain.

On the Canary Islands there are interesting opportunities sectors such as the maritime, offshore, renewable energy and sustainable, green technology. Las Palmas is about to take its position as a the “Singapore of the Mid-Atlantics”. Where maintenance of offshore vessels from the coast of West Africa and South America takes place. Shipowners who move vessels from the Gulf of Mexico to further south in the Atlantic, often use Las Palmas as a maintainance stoppover. Las Palmas offers all the advantages.of a safe EU harbor. In addition, there is an interesting tax regime for businesses that establish operations in the Canary Islands. Criterias to achieve only 4% corporate tax, are easily acheiveable. This is due to.a scheme approved by the EU, to remedy the Canaries geographical position far outside the European market.

spania 2Spain stands before an offensive investment period on aquaculture, where Norwegian fishfarming technology and know-how can be a decisive factor in their succes. Furthermore, Spain is one of the world’s most seafood-loving people, and the growth of Norwegian export was about 30% in 2015.

Did you also know that Spain is among Europe’s top three nations at Smart City initiative? There is a rapid development in the Spanish cities and ports in regards to internet of things and digitization. This is a market where Norwegian technology has a role to play, and Norwegian companies should be more proactive towards this growing global market.

Norway as a tourist destination is extremely attractive for Spaniards. Not only the nature and outdoor activities draws attention, but also the culture and the Nordic model, as well as gastronomic experiences and Norwegian architecture has gained increasing attention. In 2015, the growth of visiting Spaniards to Norway grew with formidable 25%. A number that worldwide only is beaten by visiting Chinese to Norway,

Brand Norway is strong in Spain, and there are low-hanging fruits for Norwegian companies wishing to use Norway as an element in strengthening their market position.



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