Leaders in SAMSA

Africa on the agenda – Nor-Shipping teams up with SAMSA

Entering the Gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa: Last week of July, Nor-Shipping will host and facilitate an Ocean Industry Podium and round-table meeting in Port Elizabeth, as part of the official program of the South African Maritime Industry & Investment Conference 2016: “Oceans Techonomy”

The conference will be opened by the President of South Africa, gathering top executives from the leading maritime states of the African Union, and leading maritime clusters world-wide.

Following the launch of the African Union’s first integrated maritime strategy last year, Norway was identified by South Africa as a Top 3 strategic country for partnerships on cluster development and capacity building. Both Norway and Singapore are among the countries that will be strongly represented at this high-level conference, where the African Union and the central African maritime associations will formally sign their Comprehensive Agreement to advance the implementation of the AIMS2050 (African Maritime Development Agenda 2050).

Leaders in SAMSA

Leaders in SAMSA

The Ocean Techonomy Conference gathers a significant range of leading African corporations, organisations and policy makers, spanning from Ministers from the leading coastal states to top executives from central shipowners’ associations, maritime companies and other ocean related actors such as De Beers Marine Mining, SONANGOL and the Petroleum Association of South Africa.  Through an extensive cooperation agreement with South Africa’s maritime administration (SAMSA), Africa is set high on the agenda for Nor-Shipping 2017, and Nor-Shipping is a cooperating partner of this South African conference.

Thereafter, Nor-Shipping 2017 will deliver the very first Africa@Nor-Shipping programme, creating a customized and value-adding business & networking platform for companies and investors focusing on – or operating in – the Africa Sub-Saharan region. We have a strong belief in the 21 Century being Africa’s Century, and that the development potentials will require strong and sustainable partnerships with leading maritime clusters and actors from other continents.

As entering new markets and attracting investors from abroad always represent a mutual span of challenges and risks alongside the opportunities, establishing good dialogues and partnerships with the right regional and local business partners is a key for creating future success and growth.

We are delighted to present the first Africa@Nor-Shipping to our delegates next year, a week-long program customized to gather and connect the most attractive business partners from each continent. We will facilitate a high-quality platform for leading European and African industry players to investigate and discuss business opportunities within the continent that represents the 2nd biggest growth market in the world.

This alliance aims to highlight and gather some key commercial opportunity insight, whilst facilitating efficient and broad networking access between the prime potential business partners from the two continents.

The cooperation is linked to Nor-Shipping’s Ocean Industry program. Besides the commercial & technical focus, the agreement also commits both parties to collaborate on initiatives promoting female leaders and the next generation, with a strong attention towards sustainability-related opportunities.

The program high-lights for Africa@Nor-Shipping are yet to be revealed, but the Nor-Shipping team will be available for practical questions or interest to participate either at the Ocean Techonomy conference in South Africa or during Nor-Shipping 2017.

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