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Brazil – what’s up?

News from Brazil these days are ominous. With the Olympic games coming up, we read about Zika, collapsed bike roads, delayed construction work and a political turmoil that will probably make the history books. But is this the whole picture? As usual, there’s more going on than reaches the news. In spite of the negative economic situation, there are still business opportunities in Brazil.

Rio Oil@Gas

Rio Oil&Gas takes place in October, and has a Norwegian pavillion.

Around the world, the oil and gas sector is experiencing challenging times, and this is the situation in Brazil as well. However, this is one of the worlds’ largest offshore markets, and companies offering products and services that contribute to the general need to cut costs and increase efficiency, particularly related to subsea, will be met with interest. And with political signals that there will be some positive changes in the complicated regulations related to local content and operatorship in the huge pre-salt fields, the industry still hasn’t lost faith in the Brazilian market.

In October, the traditional Rio Oil&Gas will have a Norwegian pavilion and several relevant events, such as seminars and the traditional NBCC networking dinner, and Team Norway would like to invite all interested Norwegian companies to join us.

If interested in getting more information, or participating at Rio Oil&Gas, please contact Renata Carvalho Ferreira.

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