Clipfish from Norway.

Brazil – market opportunities within the seafood sector

All Brazilians know that the bacalhau (clipfish) comes from Norway, and this delicacy is a natural guest at the party tables during Christmas, Easter and Father’s Day. The export started in 1842, and Brazil is the second largest market for Norwegian clipfish exporters. Innovation Norway is now planning a market competence program towards this market.

Clipfish from Norway.

Clipfish is a Norwegian delicacy.

However, Brazilians are increasingly becoming more health conscious. One result is that they are eating more fish and seafood, and there are opportunities also for products in addition to salted cod, such as salmon. This interest is strengthened by the challenging situation in Chile.  Potential exporters should be aware of the strict and detailed process required to be allowed to export to Brazil. The Norwegian Seafood Council and Innovation Norway in Brazil are prepared to support with this.

Also, Brazil wishes to increase own production of fish and seafood, and are working on professionalizing the aquaculture sector. This leads to an increase in interest for RD&I cooperation, and offers opportunities for suppliers of a large range of products and services.

There are several important markets for the Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries companies in Latin-America, and Innovation Norway is planning a FRAM Market Marine Brazil-Chile-Peru for 2016. This is a market competence program mainly for Norwegian SMEs, and will start with a study visit to the markets coinciding with the AQUASUR conference in Chile in October 2016.

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