Call for proposals for advanced Maritime Technologies in Singapore

Singapore is the world’s second largest port with 130,000 vessel calls per year. Singapore is now developing the “Port of the future” deploying advance new technologies and ICT* concepts, and are actively inviting international collaboration and partnership.


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Singapore and Norway has long enjoyed the “Ocean Partnership” related to maritime and oil/gas industries with more than 200 Norwegian companies established in the region.

*Information Communication Technologies

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) invites the submission of research, innovation development, test-bedding and technology translation projects through a directed Call For Proposals (CFP), for consideration for co-funding under the 200 million S$ Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund (the MINT Fund).

CFP Themes

MPA aims to support the diverse needs of the local maritime industry and to promote Singapore as a responsible global maritime player. The challenges and opportunities created by important global and regional developments, together with rapidly improving technology trends that have the ability to catalyse entire sectors, have created strong drivers for MPA to continually support and drive innovation in the maritime industry. In view of this, MPA has identified the following CFP themes of:

  • Utilization of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles = drones) to facilitate enhanced maritime operations
  • Utilization of Additive Manufacturing to replace traditional manufacturing processes
  • Use of maritime Data Analytics
  • Improving Harbourcraft Productivity
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Operations in Emerging Frontiers such as Arctic/Harsh Environments

Qualifying projects

The proposed projects should:

  • Be technology orientated with innovative content;
  • Be relevant to the maritime industry;
  • Develop or test-bed products and services that have commercialisation potential
  • Involve a test-bedding/industry partner.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should be a company incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap. 50) and operating in Singapore, with a minimum paid-up capital of 50% of the total project costs; or a classification society appointed as a Recognised Organization under the Merchant Shipping (Authorised Organisations) Regulations. In addition, the R&D into or test-bedding of new or better products, processes and applications relevant to the maritime industry should be carried out in Singapore.

Potential MINT Fund projects should be technology oriented with innovative content, relevant to the maritime industry, develop or test-bed products and services that have commercialisation potential, and satisfy either the MINT-RD or MINT-PD project scope.


Grant of up to 50% of the total qualifying project costs (inclusive of input GST), comprising of manpower and equipment either engaged or acquired for the purposes of the project, and other operating expenditure incurred for the purposes of the project. Projects deemed by MPA as strategic to its interest or have industry-wide impact may be considered for an increase in funding support level.

Further details can be found at the MINT fund website:
About the MINT Fund
About the CFPs

The submission deadline is 29 July 2016 (Friday) 5.00pm (local time)Even if this specific deadline cannot be reached, MPA is continuously tendering for new technologies, so please do not hesitate to contact Innovation Norway Singapore if you have relevant research projects or technologies of relevance and would consider Singapore as an interesting market for research collaboration or business development.

Interested parties can connect directly to MPA at or contact Innovation Norway office in Singpore:

Per Christer Lund
Science and Technolgy Counsellor
+65 9832 2669

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