Smart City Expo Barcelona

Nordic Collaboration at the Smart City EXPO in Barcelona

Smart City Expo Barcelona

The Smart City EXPO in Barcelona is the worlds largest conference and EXPO for Smart Cities. (Foto:

Together with some Nordic countries, we have a lot to offer when it comes to the development of smart and sustainable cities. Both our technology and the term, The Nordic Model, have a capacity to set a strong footprint. Nordic cities and companies are invited to join in this ambition during The Smart City EXPO in Barcelona in this November from 15th to 17th (2016). This is the world’s largest conference and EXPO for Smart Cities with the participation of more than 500 cities worldwide.  

There will be a Norwegian Pavilion at the EXPO. In addition, in collaboration with the Danish and Finnish pavilions, we will make a strong Nordic footprint, too. We will have our pavilions side-by-side, and arrange a lot of activities together to promote Nordic technologies and cities.
Tuesday November 16th will be the Nordic Tuesday with arrangements such as City presentations, Meet-the-Cities Speed-dates, the ambassadors reception and a Nordic dinner where we create an arena for Nordic companies to meet and mingle. Check out your opportunities to participate in our Nordic program. Are you interested in taking part in any of these activities? Please contact us below.

Some of the very important objectives of this arrangement are to strengthen Nordic collaboration and to mobilize common efforts and strengths to build a stronger Nordic recognition internationally. With the joint forces, the Nordics have a lot to offer the world as complentary solution providers, and it will also be of benefit.

The exhibitors on the Norwegian pavilion are:
Homecontrol, ZapTec, Numascale & NTNU, Smart City Services Cluster, the Cities of Trondheim and Stavanger, and Nordic Edge. But there are still great opportunities to participate in the Nordic program for non-exhibitors, too.

The Norwegian pavilion is being arranged by Innovation Norway in collaboration with Nordic Edge in Stavanger and IKT Norge. Our Nordic partners are, Tekes and Ramboll of Finland.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in learning more about the details in the Nordic Program, please contact:

Gaute Hagerup
Innovation Norway Madrid


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