INMEX China 2016 in Guangzhou

The maritime industry today is in a severe situation. It is, therefore, important to keep in touch with partners. The largest and most established international maritime event in the South China Sea region will be held from 7th to 9th of December this year.

“It is in bad times when you realize who your real friends are”
             – this rings especially true in China.

As most already know, the Chinese way of doing business is more relation-based than in the western world, where we tend to be more transactional. This means that making and maintaining good relationships with buyers, suppliers and strategic partners is extremely important in China.

It is also well known that the maritime industry is struggling in many parts of the world, maybe especially so in China and in Norway. Your Chinese partners know that times are hard in Norway, and also in China. The normal western response in tough times is probably to cut, save and focus on improving the cash flow. However, what does that signal to your Chinese partners, buyers and suppliers? They see someone who in hard times focuses on themselves, rather than the relationship with their friends.


Innovation Norway China understands the importance of maintaining the relationships even during tougher times. Therefore we have maintained our effort in promoting Norwegian Maritime industry while the industry is currently in difficulties. We have a presence in Dalian during SHIPTEC CHINA 2016 (25-28th October 2016), and we will also have a presence in Guangzhou during INMEX CHINA 2016 (7-9th November 2016), as a support of your companies to make it as easy as possible to keep the relationships with your Chinese partners.

Therefore we invite you to be a part of the Official Norwegian Pavilion during INMEX CHINA 2016, where we can show the Chinese partners that the Norwegian Maritime companies put a high value on maintaining the relations, despite difficult times in the industry.

More arrangements for further help

We offer this at a heavily subsidized cost because we understand that times are tough. Besides, in addition to the physical space, Innovation Norway China together with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Guangzhou will arrange meetings, seminars and receptions for further help to maintain your relations with your Chinese partners.

Be a part of the Norwegian Pavilion!

So if you value your relationships in China and understand the importance of keeping it in touch even in tougher times, contact us here to discuss how you can be a part of INMEX CHINA 2016!

Market Advisor – Innovation Norway
Thomas Sørensen:

Head of Commercial Section – The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Guangzhou
Jon Eivind Stø:


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