Environmental Protection: Chinese water, waste and soil remediation delegation to Norway

Innovation Norway China will organize a Chinese delegation to Norway with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Guangzhou in the second week of October. This delegation is looking for advanced technologies and solutions related to municipal water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, waste treatment and soil remediation.

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

Chinese water, waste and soil remediation delegation to Norway.

China is the world’s second largest economy and has over several decades experienced rapid economic growth at the expense of environmental considerations. China is facing severe water and soil pollution in many provinces. In order to clean up the pollution, the Chinese government has started to taking environmental protection into more consideration and have launched several measures.

Stricter regulations create market opportunities

The most important directive to address water pollution – the Water Pollution Prevention and Treatment Action Plan (the 10-Point Water Treatment Measures) – was formally announced upon receiving confirmation of the government in April 2015, following the Air Pollution Prevention and Treatment Action Plan (the 10-Point Air Treatment Measures) issued in September 2013.

In May 2016, the central government released the 10-point soil treatment measures as well. These are the three most important environmental protection measures.

By 2020

The 10-Point Water Treatment Measures set up the near-term target of achieving a step by step improvement by 2020. The 10-Point Water Treatment Measures may lift China’s GDP by approximately 5.7 trillion RMB – based on a calculation with the input-output model by the Ministry of Environment Protection. In 2015, the central government allocated 3.6 billion RMB for demonstration projects for heavy metal soil remediation in 30 locations in China. By 2020, the 10-point soil pollution prevention and treatment action plan will recover and safely reuse 90 % of polluted farmland.

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