Are you joining in the Konsoll in Bergen? Meet William Mok!

“As everyone will tell you, who you know is sometimes as important as what you know”. This is also true for the gaming industry.
Large parts of the Norwegian game developing community will be gathered in Bergen in this October, and Innovation Norway is bringing some guests to join the festival/conference called Konsoll.

From October 19th to October 21st, large parts of the Norwegian game developing community will be gathered in Bergen to participate in the Konsoll 2016.

William Mok, child genius, autodidact and creator of his first AI at age 14

San Francisco native William Mok created his first AI when he was only 14 years old, and after considering what to tell the AI to do, he was confident that the most rewarding thing to teach AI would be how to trade stocks. The AI did so very well – using human like reasoning rather than machine thinking.

William Mok is now 25 years old and retired, living off the revenue which his AI still creats from trading stocks. He was therefore on the lookout for something new he could apply his AI to, and through common friends and investors in San Francisco, he heard about the Konsoll and straight up decided that this was something he wanted to see.

He has heard Norway is a beautiful place, and he wants to meet Norwegian game developers to see if there are opportunities for collaboration. William has of course done other things than simply living off the funds his AI creates for him trading stocks, like developing several games on his own and giving talks and lectures about AI. You can delve deeper into TechTrader through his website and a bit in PFTQ.

Stefen Choy and Nancy Zhou

Stefen Choy, who is an angel investor and early believer in William Mok, will travel together with William. He will be looking for good opportunities for investments. They are traveling to Norway for the sole purpose of meeting the Norwegian game developer community and they hope to find opportunities for collaboration, to put into perspective the importance of network.

The third person who was supposed to come to Bergen is Nancy Zhou, she is the former CEO of Ubisoft, and also the lady who brought World of Warcraft to China. She will also be joining the Konsoll through a video link. There is a growing interest in Norwegian game developers, both in San Francisco and in China, and the link between them cannot be underestimated.


If you are considering to participate in the Konsoll and have a game or an idea that you would want William Mok and his team to know about, send us a few lines! We will make sure that you will get to meet up with them while they are in Bergen.

Thomas Sørensen (唐小威)
Market Advisor, Innovation Norway China

60 years | Norway – China | 1954 – 2014




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