“Norway – Vietnam Blue Economy Seminar”: Discover Ocean Economy opportunities!

Innovation Norway Hanoi

Innovation Norway Hanoi

The Norway – Vietnam Blue Economy Seminar will provide the forum for Norwegian businesses to present their international competitiveness in oil & gas and maritime & aquaculture. It reveals ocean economy development in the country.

The seminar is one of the key anniversaries to celebrate 45 years of diplomatic relations between Norway and Vietnam in 2016, and will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday 23 November 2016.

High Norwegian value in Vietnam

Norway’s products and services have good reputation in Vietnam for its high quality and durability. Vietnamese perceive Norwegian businesses as trustworthy partners who are looking to find long-term partnerships. The bilateral cooperation shows steady growth, concentrating in oil & gas, maritime, aquaculture and seafood.

Vietnam is developing with great potential

Vietnam has potentials for developing the ocean economy. It has become a low-middle income country since 2009 with GDP per capital of $ 2100 in 2015. Vietnam is expected to continue its economic growth rate between 5 – 6 % for the next decade. The population in Vietnam was approximately 92 millions in 2015, and the middle income class is enlarging. Those factors have created favorable conditions for investments and trades to expand.

More focus on exploration in underexplored offshore territory

Although the crude oil price is low, petroleum industry still plays the important role in Vietnam’s economy, and contributes around 10 % of state budgets. Vietnam is keenly developing to the next stage of the country’s energy. With rising demand, Vietnam will focus more on exploration in underexplored offshore territory with deep water reserves. This is a good news for Norwegian companies which possess the state of art technologies.

The opportunities for Norwegian companies:

  • Deep water technologies
  • Enhance Oil Recovery technologies for brown and marginal fields
  • Equipment supply for building platforms
  • Environmentally well abandonment
  • Hi-end services (expertise, technologies, integrated services)

For more details, please see: “Vietnam oil and gas overview – Innovation Norway Hanoi”and contact our expert:
Mr. Le Tien Hai – Senior Market Advisor



Developing maritime supprting indusry

Thanks to a number of favorable conditions such as competitive labor cost, strong development of oil and gas activities, skillful labor force, and favorable geographical condition, Vietnam maritime supporting industry has developed at a certain level.
A number of Norwegian manufacturers have set up their production facilities in Vietnam such as VARD Vung tau, Vinomarine Co.,, Steinsvik Vietnam, Karmsund Maritime Vietnam, Jotun Paints (Vietnam) etc.,

Demands to develop fishing fleet and increase efficiency of coastal shipping create opportunities:

  1. Transferring know-how on fishing vessel design and building
    (composite and steel)
  2. Supplying marine equipment
    • On board preservation (cooling, blast-freezing, slurry ice, etc.)
    • Engine, propulsion
    • Fish finding equipment
    • Deck equipment

For more details, please contact our expert:
Mr. Le Tien Hai, Senior Market Advisor.

Innovation Norway Hanoi

Innovation Norway Hanoi



World’s 3rd in export of fish and fisheries products

Vietnam is World’s number 4 for aquaculture and number 8 for fishing according to The State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016 (World Food Organization – FAO).
The country ranks the 3rd in the World Top Ten Exporters of fish and fisheries products after China and Norway. Aquaculture is on the shift to sustainable industrial farming, opening up opportunities for Norwegian technology and expertise in the whole value chain, particularly the followings:

  • Breeding
  • Feed
  • Advanced farming techniques and/or automatic systems
  • Fish health
  • Water treatment

For more details,
please see: “Vietnam marine sector – Innovation Norway Hanoi
and contact our expert: Ms. Dang Phuong Lien, Senior Market Advisor. Lien.Phuong.Dang@innovationnorway.no

You are welcome to take part in the Seminar to showcase your products/services and grab your opportunities in the increasing market, Vietnam.

For more information,
please also see the link for the seminar (click here)
and contact us: Hanoi@innovationnorway.no


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