There is a good fit between Turkey and Norway for increased maritime collaboration

Turkey has for several years developed their plans for renewal of its more than 300 vessel large coastal fleet, many Turkish naval vessels are now also being planned or built, and some of the many Russian fishing vessels to be built with Norwegian design might also be built at Turkish yards during the years to come.

F/V Leinebris. A modern longliner. Photo: Tersan Shipyard.

F/V Leinebris. A modern longliner.
Photo: Tersan Shipyard.

These projects give opportunities for Norwegian ship designers and equipment makers.

Green shipping

The country now also motivates its ship owners to make new buildings through an attractive ship scrapping program being under development. And, Turkey is interested in learning more from Norway related to Green shipbuilding and green shipping.

Photo: Turkish Chamber of Shipping

Meeting between Turkish Chamber of Shipping (TCS), GCE Blue Maritime, Innovation Norway and Royal Norwegian Embassy in Turkey. The representatives include: TCS President Mr. Metin Kalkavan, Board member Ms. Sadan Kaptanoglu, Ambassador Vegard Ellefsen, CEO Per Erik Dalen, GCE Blue Maritime, Harald Nævdal and Caglar Erdogan representing Innovation Norway. Photo: Turkish Chamber of Shipping


Norwegian clusters in Turkey

GCE Blue Maritime and Innovation Norway Istanbul have for many years worked to lay the foundation for Norwegian designers and equipment suppliers to be able to collaborate with Turkish ship owners and shipyards when it comes to short sea vessels. However, this large project is still under planning, and it will probably take several years before Turkey will be able to make a decision to realize it.

During 2014 Innovation Norway also assisted GCE Blue Maritime to establish a MOU with the Turkish Chamber of Shipping to cooperate on education, innovation, incubation and business.

The CEO of GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, Per Erik Dalen, recently visited Istanbul for a project meeting in the «Turkish Coaster Fleet Renewal Project». The host of the meeting was the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, with whom GCE Blue Maritime signed an MOU in 2014. The Norwegian participants included the Norwegian ambassador to Turkey Mr. Vegard Ellefsen and representatives from Innovation Norway.

Turkish coastal fleet program

There are great opportunities for Norwegian design companies and equipment suppliers to deliver to the growing Turkish ship building industry. We therefore recommend Norwegian companies to start positioning themselves towards the new Turkish coastal fleet program soon, even though it may still take some years before the project is initiated.

The 8 year old Turkish Piri Reis Maritime University is considered to be strongly developed during the years to come. Joint innovation and research projects were discussed during the meeting and several specific activities will be followed up. Piri Reis is now seeking cooperation with NTNU in Ålesund, and will visit Norway soon.

Ship equipment

Turkey is among the world’s 10th largest shipbuilding nation, and has for many years built a significant number of vessels for Norwegian ship-owners – and still is. The country has 77 shipyards as of 2015. On tonnage basis in CGT, Turkish yards rank 16th in the world’s order book (2015) However, very few Turkish companies are producing ship equipment, making it a very interesting market for Norwegian suppliers.

In spite of the challenging global Maritime situation there are still 19 vessels under construction at Turkish yards for Norwegian owners for deliveries in 2017-18. These includes 1 Offshore construction vessel, 1 multipurpose offshore supply vessel, 1 multipurpose offshore support vessel, 3 fishing vessels, 1 fish feed vessel, 2 battery powered ferries, 7 standard Ro-Ro ferries and 3 live fish carriers.

By strengthening our maritime relations we should also intend to support Norwegian suppliers in their process of positioning themselves to be selected more often by foreign ship owners ordering vessels in Turkey.


From 21-24 March 2017 during EXPOMARITT Innovation Norway Istanbul will cooperate with Turkey Chamber of Shipping in arranging a bilateral seminar on Green Shipping and Shipbuilding. The event will have more than 200 exhibitors, and is expected to be visited by more than 7000 professional businessmen.

This event will be followed up during Nor-Shipping 2017 where we will support a Turkish maritime delegation visiting NorShipping through arranging joint seminars and B2B matchmaking activities.

For more information please contact:

Harald Naevdal (, M: +90 532 387 63 66

Caglar Erdogan (caglar.erdogan@innovationnorway,no), M: +90 532 235 82 54


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