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Multi-storey wooden buildings are in focus in Sweden

The interest of multi-storey wooden buildings is increasing rapidly in Sweden. Today, only about 10 % of newly built multi-storey houses use wooden frames. Forecasts predict a sharp rise in this area. This growing trend is a good opportunity for the Norwegian building industry since we have a long tradition of using wood in residential buildings.

Sweden needs to build fast and climate neutral

Until 1994, it was not allowed to build wood houses with more than two floors in Sweden. But with the Swedish EU membership came new building regulations that were materials neutral, and multi-storey timber frames were then allowed.

But it is just in recent years, that the interest in modern wood construction has increased sharply. Climate change is one reason since wood is the only renewable building material and gives substantially lower carbon footprint. Another reason is the major requirement for building many homes in a short time. Sweden needs to build approx. 440 000 new homes to year 2020 to cope with the population increase. The majority of these houses will be located in growing urban areas as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The municipalities are taking lead

A couple of municipalities as Västerås, Skellefteå, Sunbyberg and Växsjö have taking lead and set ambitious goals for wood buildings in their community planning. These initiatives are spreading and other municipalities are now taking on this mission and look for solutions in this area.

Meet the market at Wood Building Summit in Skellefteå

Norway has a long tradition in multi-storey wooden buildings and solid knowledge in construction, architecture and prefab. Currently there is an open window for this type of competence in Sweden. A natural way to get in contact with the Swedish market is by attending the upcoming Building Summit in Skellefteå, 7-8 November 2017.

The organizers are currently planning the event and are looking for interesting speakers and solutions to the conference and exhibition. So, if you have solutions in this area or want to start collaborations with Sweden in the field of wood buildings, get in contact with us to discuss further.


Please contact Tina Nordlander, Country Manager Trade- Nordic Region
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Email: tina.nordlander@innovasjonnorge.no

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