The Canary Islands – A mid-Atlantic maritime & offshore hub

The special geographical conditions of the Canary Islands make them a perfect place to provide offshore & maritime services to the vessels coming from West Africa, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. This special location has made them a natural hub for the offshore industry. Being a European territory, the Canary Islands provide a stable legal EU security for any business located in the islands.

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Historically the port of Las Palmas has counted for regular ship maintenance and repair. But due to its geo-location, the market for more advanced maintenance, repairs and supply has seen a rapid growth.

The 2 local yards Astican and Zamakona have shown great openness and willingness to collaborate with foreign companies and recognize the added value provided by the experienced Norwegian offshore industry. This positive situation opens several opportunities for exploring collaboration and develop new areas for business.

Respected Norwegian companies such as Otech, Rolls-Royce, Coast Center Base and Radøygruppen are already established in Las Palmas. There are room for more specialized and advanced Norwegian know-how and expertise within supply and maintenance

As an Ultrapheriferical European territory, the Canary Islands can offer exceptional tax conditions (4% corporate tax rate) as well as other exceptional economic conditions for foreign companies installed in the islands: high qualified employees, low operation cost, excellent air and sea communications with Norway and the rest of Europe, excellent Universities and R&D centers.

Las Palmas is the most important port in the island group, but due to a rapid growth of activities the last years, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also about to position itself as an interesting hub.

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