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Sweden launches Europe’s largest testing area for drones

If you have applications based on drone technology, then Västervik in Sweden is the place to look more closely towards.

New opportunities to test and innovate

In the densely populated European continent, opportunities to find suitable testing areas free from scheduled flights are few and far between. This is the background to why Västerviks’s municipality and several private and public stakeholders got together and launched Europe’s largest testbed and innovation centre for drone technology. Drone Center Sweden aims with this initiative to potentially attract European developers of unmanned aerial vehicles

Testing at high altitude

What makes Västervik Drone center so special is not only the size. It’s 40×60 km area is the biggest in Europe but more interesting it contains all Swedish terrain types except mountains. In addition, you will be able to fly much higher than you can at other test places. Västervik’s facility aims to be able to fly up to 2500 meters’ altitude. This is possible by the area being outside military and civil aviation zones, which otherwise usually set strict limits on how and where one can fly.

Initial target is environmental technology

The test area is initially focused on environmental applications where drone technology is an enabler. Drones are becoming increasingly important in forestry and agriculture for, among other things, inspecting crops and spraying pesticides in a more precise manner. But in the longer perspective drone technology will be used in several areas as rescue and ongoing inspections of critical infrastructure as railway tracks and power lines.

Drone technology an area for Nordic collaboration

The initiative has so already gotten a lot of attention from all over Europe. But Drone Center Sweden hopes that their test- and innovation area will attract Norwegian companies and stakeholders to join. Drone technology is an area where collaboration has the potential to put Nordic knowledge on the international arena.

So, if you need a good testing environment for drone technology or want to find partners to collaborate with give us a call


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