Mining industry and opportunities for Norwegian companies in Russia

In terms of both area as well as the sheer variety of endowments, Russia figures as a major mining nation of the world. It is home to an array of minerals and metals including nickel, platinum, bauxite, cobalt, coal and tin. Russia accounts for a large share of the world’s output of diamonds, gold, silver and PGM.

The country has vast mineral and metal reserves and the export of these resources significantly contributes to the Russian economy. Overall, the most significant mineral-producing regions are the Kola Peninsula, the East Siberia, the Urals and the Russian Far East. The region to the east of the Urals possesses more than half of Russia’s mineral resources. Siberia hosts the bulk of Russia’s nickel, platinum and diamond deposits, and despite harsh geography and weather conditions, remains an attractive destination for mining players from around the world.

Russia’s global dominance in some metal and mineral commodities is unchallenged. It dominates the global production of the PGM, producing 40% of the world’s palladium, 15% of platinum as well as 20% of the world’s nickel and cobalt output. In addition, Russia is also among the world’s big-three diamond producers.

Russia-based Norilsk Nickel, Alrosa and Polyus Gold are some of the major local mining players
that have established a strong presence.
Prospects for the Russian mining industry appear bright with several promising minerals, metals, gold and diamond deposits.

Innovation Norway Russia plays a vital role in facilitating the process of taking Norwegian mining technology and products to the Russian market.

 Mining World Russia exhibition in Moscow in April , 2018

Mining World Russia (MWR) is an effective business platform for direct contact of producers and suppliers with specialists of Russian mining companies, mineral processing enterprises and trading companies, which are interested in purchasing of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals.

Innovation Norway Moscow office since 2005 is the organizer of the national Norwegian stand on MWR exhibitions as well as for many other mining exhibitions along whole Russia and Kazakhstan.

Mining World Russia exhibition will be held in 3 days from 17th to 19th of April 2018 in Moscow and will take place on more than 11 000 sq.m., where more than 250 exhibitors from more than 40 foreign countries and 60 regions of Russia will present their equipment, services and projects. Some of the biggest names that will exhibit during the fair include: Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Komatsu, Volvo, Liebherr, Metso Minerals and many others. 

The aim of the exhibition is to bring together the specialists and showcases product within mining – Minerals, Metals & Ores industry. The fair offers an excellent opportunity to promote mining companies, to establish business contacts and to maintain and share expertise.

Sustainable business of several Norwegian companies  within the Russian mining industry during many years for many of them started from participation in MWR exhibitions.

This year Norwegian stand will be presented by 8 Norwegian companies: Thrane Teknikk, Tomra Sorting Solutions, R-Tek/Tyri Russia, Komatsu KVX, Nordic Seal, Narvik Composite, Protan and Envitec.

Innovation Norway Russia welcomes you to join the fair and visit the joint Norwegian stand which you can find in Hall A, pavilion 3, stand nr 405.

For more information, please contact our Senior Advisor in the mining sector

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