Marine Waste – Team Norway in South Africa pushing for solutions through local partnerships

Marine waste is reaching pandemic proportions. Combining private and public resources are essential to reverse this trend, creating new business opportunities for all aspects of waste management in the process. South Africa is taking a leading role for Africa – and for the seven seas. (Illustration: Stephanie Martin / African Marine Waste Network)

Norway earlier this year committed to being a platform partner to the UN Global Compact in the quest for creating an Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business – which will be officially launched on World Ocean Day on June 8th.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Prime Minister Erna Solberg launched plans for a High-Level Panel, which will allow developed and developing countries to collaborate in building a true Sustainable Ocean Economy.

Towards that end, Team Norway in South Africa organized a workshop last December on Combatting Marine Waste and the Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria signed an agreement in March with the  Sustainable Seas Trust forging an exciting partnership with the African Marine Waste Network on the same topic (see link below).

Furthermore, Ocean Week in Trondheim in May will have a workshop dedicated to Plastic and the Ocean Plastic and the Ocean), as will Arendalsuka in August, on Norwegian solutions in a Sea of Plastic. 

Document: CombattingMarineWaste-March2018

Innovation Norway in South Africa has the competence and invites Norwegian technology providers to take a proactive approach in securing their share of the business potential that lies within combatting marine waste. Please contact for more information about market opportunities within waste management in South Africa.

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