Do you want to sell new innovative solutions to the Nordic health care sector?

Nordic Innovation is focusing on how to remove barriers for new technology to get in the Nordic health care sector, and as part of this effort they started new procurement education in 2014.

Competence is key when it comes to innovation procurement in the health and welfare sector. That is why the Innovative Nordic Healthcare Project (INHP) is developing a training programme in innovative procurement. This is done in close cooperation with academics at universities in the Nordic region and in dialogue with networks of procurers and suppliers.

In order to get feedback from the Helsinki University hospital on innovative solutions, companies can test their solutions at the HUS testbed. Currently, the needs of the City of Helsinki relate to telemedicine.

There is also a Nordic Test Beds project that has created a Nordic collaboration network and provides access to five university hospital test beds.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Salmensaari 
Innovation Norway, Finland
T: +358 20 7551212

Photo: Natanael Melchor,

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