Deep-sea port expansion & floating offshore windmills open for French-Norwegian partnership

Occitanie Region is investing EUR 230 million in new infrastructure on Port-la-Nouvelle, France’s third largest Mediterranean port. They are now inviting international actors for a long-term public-private partnership to develop the project.

L’Occitanie is France’s second largest region by size and fifth largest by GDP. They are now using their strong position to become the first energy positive region in Europe by 2050. This ambitious plan covers several themes, such as mobility, housing, heating, and renewable energy production.

Important steps to reach their goal include the development of two floating offshore wind turbine parks that will be located at sea near Port-la-Nouvelle, and a strategy to boost regional economy by developing more traffic whilst attracting new projects and trades. L’Occitanie has ambitions to become the leading hub for the building and assembly of offshore windmills in the Mediterranean. These plans create a need for large infrastructure development in the port, which means a great opportunity for Norwegian expertise.

Port-la-Nouvelle will implement an innovative port management for its deep-sea port expansion in order to strengthen the ports’ attractiveness. Today, the port is searching for a private partner (or group of partners) ready to join the Regional Council through a long-term contract, starting in 2021. The public-private partnership will be in charge of financing and building the terminals, selecting terminal operators and managing the global infrastructure.

For Norwegian investors eager to develop their activities in the Mediterranean, this is an opportunity worth looking into.

To learn more about the project and how to bring your expertise into the French market, please contact:

Eli Wærum Rognerud
Senior Adviser
Innovation Norway, Paris

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