Canada healt agreement

Medtech Agreement with Canada Demonstrates Abundant Opportunity

An agreement signed between Oslo Medtech and MaRS opens markets for Norwegian companies to sell their technologies directly into hospitals and elderly care facilities in Canada. This global growth project will assist Norwegian medtech companies in approaching the Canadian healthcare mark


Take part in WasteTech Moscow 2017 !

WasteTech 2017 in Moscow is a great opportunity to meet the most important players in the market, present your solutions, investigate the market opportunities and get an insight into the latest development on this area in Russia. You are invited to take part in the exhibition WasteTech 2017 in Moscow, Russia in June 2017. It is a… Read More

Norwegian salmon

Demand for Norwegian salmon in South Africa

 Africa is one of the continents in the world that is experiencing rapid economic growth.  This economic development means that a growing number of consumers have purchasing power for goods and services.  South Africa is one such market in which the demand for Norwegian salmon has increased dramatically. Export statistics from Norway to South Africa… Read More

Bandar Abbas, Iran

Er Iran et marked for dere?

I dagens Iran finnes et spennende marked for norsk sjømat-, marin leverandørindustri og maritim næring. Landet vil investere i egen oppdrettsnæring, og når grensene åpnes gir dette nye muligheter for eksport av norsk sjømat og norsk teknologi og kompetanse. Bli med på høstens næringslivsdelegasjon til Iran og utforsk mulighetene landet har å by på for… Read More

School of Sardines

France: Marine Renewable Energy as part of the climate solution

The convention Seanergy Biarritz 2016 aims to create synergies and partnerships between stakeholders from the whole Marine Renewable Energy sector, and is part of France’s efforts towards an energy transition for green growth. INTPOW and several Norwegian offshore wind companies will attend the convention. The French law on energy transition for green growth, as of… Read More

Rio Oil@Gas

Brazil – what’s up?

News from Brazil these days are ominous. With the Olympic games coming up, we read about Zika, collapsed bike roads, delayed construction work and a political turmoil that will probably make the history books. But is this the whole picture? As usual, there’s more going on than reaches the news. In spite of the negative… Read More

Skalere raskere i New York?

Innovasjon Norge har nå lansert et nytt akseleratorprogram i New York i samarbeid med en av New Yorks mest suksessrike akseleratorer, ERA (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerators). Dette er et program for de mest lovende norske oppstartsbedrifter med høyt potensial for suksess i det amerikanske markedet. Av Hege Barnes, Director, Innovation Norway New York Programmet gir kvalifiserte… Read More

Toronto, Canada

The ‘innovation agenda’ isn’t just tech – it’s also social

Just like Norway, Canada is moving from a resource-based economy to one based on knowledge, creativity, sustainability and social responsibility. Both countries are full of vibrant entrepreneurs, creating meaningful work, new innovations and building the economy of the future. Entrepreneurs and innovators are our greatest “natural” resources – up for the challenge of creating jobs… Read More

Aquaculture: Huge opportunities in South Africa

Aquaculture currently makes minimal contribution to regional fishery production in Africa but there is a huge opportunity to make up the growing shortfall in African fish supply, which estimates to rise to 1.8 mill tons by 2030.  While the disposable of African consumers is increasing, average income are relatively low. This translates into a preference… Read More

Vietnam - oil and gas

Vietnam – the most attractive upstream oil and gas-country in Asia Pacific region

Do you want to seize opportunities in oil & gas-sector in Vietnam – an active petroleum country with busy exploration activities? Let us help you! Although the crude oil price is low, the petroleum industry still plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy and contributes around 10% of the state budgets. In 2013, the Vietnamese government issued the revised… Read More