Great opportunities for Norwegian companies interested in Power & Electricity in Africa

Power and Electricity World Africa 2016 is an event where suppliers can showcase their solutions to Africa’s power and energy buyer community. The show presents an opportunity for the foremost solution providers to meet new customers, and to grow their client base in Africa.    Year on year, the event provides access to over 500 African energy utility… Read More

Norwegian Industry needs new markets – South Africa’s challenges may be Norway’s opportunities.

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa, behind Nigeria. South Africa accounts for 24 percent of Africa’s GDP , and it is ranked as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank – one of only four such countries in Africa.  The country is rich in natural resources and is a leading producer of… Read More

Mange norske designere på Copenhagen Fashion Week 3.-5. februar 2016

Optimisme i den norske motebransjen   Innovasjon Norge har gjennom flere år jobbet for å fremme norske moteaktører på Copenhagen Fashion Week. CFW er Nordens viktigste plattform og er ofte stedet hvor aktørene tar det første skrittet ut i den internasjonale verden. Gjennom de siste årene har vi sett en betydelig økning av antall norske designere under… Read More

Italy is increasingly competitive. Bright future and encouraging perspective

Italy’s economic performance has improved so far in 2015 with the GDP returned to growth after 3 years. Industrial production increased by 0.7% in the first 7 months over the same period of 2014. There has also been an improvement in private consumption. Italy is among the strongest performers and appears to be staging strong… Read More

Spain, a European growth winner in 2015 – What about 2016?

 Welcome to a seminar on January 13th at Innovation Norway HQ in Akersgt 13. Spain holds the highest economic growth rate in the Eurozone in 2015 by 3.4%. The growth path is forecasted to continue in 2016. What are the consequences of the election that was held on December 20th 2015 to this development? The new National… Read More

Italian experts predict a magnificent future for Stock Fish from Lofoten

Innovation Norway organizes seminar for the stock fish producers for transfer of competence for the future development of the industry Tørrfisk fra Lofoten, stock fish from Lofoten, is the first Norwegian food speciality to have obtained recognition as a protected geographical indication in the EU. Italy is our main stock fish market, but volumes are… Read More

The new Polish government’s energy and climate policy

Are the Norwegian environmental and clean energy technology providers ready to take advantage of the new opportunities emerging on the Polish market? – Distributed, small scale RES (biomass, solar energy and hydropower) and development of efficient combined heat and power generation units some of the winners?   10 Norwegian companies presented their technologies at POL-ECO… Read More

How is it possible to give life to a smart, green and inclusive city?

“A smart city not only cultivates its technological component, but must combine economic development with social inclusion, innovation with education, research with participation.” (Motto of Milan Smart City) One of the big questions of our time is: How is it possible to give life to a smart, green and inclusive city? Probably through a continuous… Read More

WHINN 2015 i Odense

WHINN Exhibion I Odense samlet en rekke relevante aktører, slik som bedrifter, kommuner, innovasjons-labber og forskere – noen som utstillere og noen som samlet inspirasjon innenfor helseteknologi. Det ble også avholdt  tre internasjonale konferanser I løpet av uken: de årlige «Hospital+Innovation» og «European Telemedicine», samt den nye «New Nordic Welfare». Ambassaden og Innovasjon Norge i København i samarbeid med… Read More