Maritime opportunities in South Africa – a market in a strategic position

South Africa is one of the most active maritime nations in the world. Its ports, ship building and inspection services provide opportunities for Norwegian companies with expertise in a number of fields. South Africa is one of the largest and the most diversified free market economies on the African continent. It is home to over… Read More

Fish or plastic for dinner in 2050?

Plastics in the ocean is a growing problem. In South Africa there are projects within “Marine Waste Management” to facilitate opportunities for innovation. Research published by World Economic Forum shows that we are likely to have more plastics than fish in the oceans 30 years from now. Already mammals, birds and fish are including plastics… Read More

South Africa’s Oceans to be the country’s new gold – this creates genuine opportunities for Norwegian industry

Innovation Norway in South Africa is launching a new Global Growth program tailor made for the Norwegian maritime industry with the ambition and capacity to access tender and other opportunities in this market.  The African continent is the Land of Opportunity, with 20% of the Earth’s landmass, 17% of its population (1,25 billion), the fastest… Read More

Sustainable use of the Ocean – The Norway – South Africa Science week 2017

For the second time Team Norway and South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology are hosting Norway – South Africa Science week in Pretoria, South Africa. Following up on last year’s success, this year’s focus will be on green maritime – sustainable use of the ocean. The objective is to explore opportunities for cooperation between… Read More

New program in South Africa provides opportunities for Norwegian FinTech companies

It’s no news that the FinTech sector is booming. The UK and USA have dominated the push for digital disruption in the financial service industry. But, when it comes to recent news in the FinTech sector, there’s a new country making headlines – South Africa. Read more at the Innovation Norway web site (Photo: Thinkstock)

Et grønnere, innovativt Sør-Afrika gir muligheter

Det arrangeres for første gang “South Africa – Norway Science Week” fra 31. oktober til 4. november, i Pretoria og Cape Town. Hovedtema på konferansen er å utforske mulighetene for samarbeid innen forskning, utdanning og ikke minst innen business. Påmeldingsfrist: 17. oktober. Er du klar over at Sør-Afrika er et av de landene i verden… Read More

Value creation in Ocean Space – South Africa represents new opportunities for Norwegian companies

Take part in “South Africa – Norway Science Week” October 31st through November 4th in Pretoria and Cape Town to find out more about the gateway to Africa. The first South Africa – Norway Science Week aims to explore opportunities for cooperation in business, innovation and education. The ocean space and the blue economy The close relationship… Read More

Norwegian salmon

Demand for Norwegian salmon in South Africa

 Africa is one of the continents in the world that is experiencing rapid economic growth.  This economic development means that a growing number of consumers have purchasing power for goods and services.  South Africa is one such market in which the demand for Norwegian salmon has increased dramatically. Export statistics from Norway to South Africa… Read More

Aquaculture: Huge opportunities in South Africa

Aquaculture currently makes minimal contribution to regional fishery production in Africa but there is a huge opportunity to make up the growing shortfall in African fish supply, which estimates to rise to 1.8 mill tons by 2030.  While the disposable of African consumers is increasing, average income are relatively low. This translates into a preference… Read More

Great opportunities for Norwegian companies interested in Power & Electricity in Africa

Power and Electricity World Africa 2016 is an event where suppliers can showcase their solutions to Africa’s power and energy buyer community. The show presents an opportunity for the foremost solution providers to meet new customers, and to grow their client base in Africa.    Year on year, the event provides access to over 500 African energy utility… Read More