Foto: Norsk Bergindustri

Norway and Canada contribute to green shift in the mining industry

Norway is rich in minerals, but only a limited amount of resources is exploited today. Norway has raw mineral values worth up to 2 500 billion NOK, and a refined mineral market value of 8 000 billion NOK (study performed by NGU and NHO). To harness these resources, the Norwegian mining sector needs several things… Read More

Canada healt agreement

Medtech Agreement with Canada Demonstrates Abundant Opportunity

An agreement signed between Oslo Medtech and MaRS opens markets for Norwegian companies to sell their technologies directly into hospitals and elderly care facilities in Canada. This global growth project will assist Norwegian medtech companies in approaching the Canadian healthcare mark

Renewable energy

Brazil – opportunities within renewable energy sector

The Brazilian market for renewable energy continues to grow and attract international players. Brazil is, due to its size and abundance of natural resources, a true power house of clean and renewable energy. Innovation Norway Rio has a significant network into the sector and knowledge on how to best enter and succeed in the market. Increased… Read More

Clipfish from Norway.

Brazil – market opportunities within the seafood sector

All Brazilians know that the bacalhau (clipfish) comes from Norway, and this delicacy is a natural guest at the party tables during Christmas, Easter and Father’s Day. The export started in 1842, and Brazil is the second largest market for Norwegian clipfish exporters. Innovation Norway is now planning a market competence program towards this market. However,… Read More

Rio Oil@Gas

Brazil – what’s up?

News from Brazil these days are ominous. With the Olympic games coming up, we read about Zika, collapsed bike roads, delayed construction work and a political turmoil that will probably make the history books. But is this the whole picture? As usual, there’s more going on than reaches the news. In spite of the negative… Read More

Skalere raskere i New York?

Innovasjon Norge har nå lansert et nytt akseleratorprogram i New York i samarbeid med en av New Yorks mest suksessrike akseleratorer, ERA (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerators). Dette er et program for de mest lovende norske oppstartsbedrifter med høyt potensial for suksess i det amerikanske markedet. Av Hege Barnes, Director, Innovation Norway New York Programmet gir kvalifiserte… Read More

Toronto, Canada

The ‘innovation agenda’ isn’t just tech – it’s also social

Just like Norway, Canada is moving from a resource-based economy to one based on knowledge, creativity, sustainability and social responsibility. Both countries are full of vibrant entrepreneurs, creating meaningful work, new innovations and building the economy of the future. Entrepreneurs and innovators are our greatest “natural” resources – up for the challenge of creating jobs… Read More