Brazil – What’s up in oil and gas?

Oil drilling rig against  the panorama of Rio de Janeiro (Photo: iStock) Since 2017 Brazil has implemented several changes to unlock and scale up the investment in upstream. The end of mandatory operatorship of Petrobras in pre-salt has allowed companies such as Equinor and Shell to step up their position in this play. Softer local… Read More

Renewable energy

Brazil – Opportunities within renewable energy sector

Brazil offers large opportunities in the renewable energy sector (Photo: Thinkstock) The Brazilian market for renewable energy continues to grow and attract international players. Brazil is, due to its size and abundance of natural resources, a true power house of clean and renewable energy. Innovation Norway Rio has a significant network in the sector and… Read More

Brazil – Market opportunities in the aquaculture sector

Photo: Jean Wimmerlin, Today Brazil has domestic fish consumption of 9.5 kg per inhabitant/year, meaning that there is a lot of room for improvement. And aquaculture offers the largest potential for increasing the fish supply. In 2017, fish farming in Brazil totaled approximately 690 000 tons – 8% growth from 2016, which currently generates… Read More