Join the Chinese health food mania!

Text by: Viktor Grande Røssnes, based on a report from the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai. A fast-growing market for health food has developed in China. This market is expected to reach USD 70 billion  within 2020, triple the 2010 value. This market represents huge opportunities for Norwegian companies within cod fish oil, mineral and… Read More

Cruise ships – several large scale vessels are planned in China

It is likely that China will become the largest cruise market in the world as several large scale vessels are planned. Norwegian companies can become alliance partners contributing with their technology, experience, design and IT-competence.

E-Commerce in China: The $589 Billion Market!

Chinese consumers are relying more and more on the internet to purchase products which has made the Chinese e-commerce market skyrocket. The possibilities are vast if you know how to take advantage of them! China, as the world’s second biggest economy, is an important market to be present in. Luckily, reaching the many millions of… Read More

Environmental Protection: Chinese water, waste and soil remediation delegation to Norway

Innovation Norway China will organize a Chinese delegation to Norway with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Guangzhou in the second week of October. This delegation is looking for advanced technologies and solutions related to municipal water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, waste treatment and soil remediation. Chinese water, waste and soil remediation delegation to… Read More

INMEX China 2016 in Guangzhou

The maritime industry today is in a severe situation. It is, therefore, important to keep in touch with partners. The largest and most established international maritime event in the South China Sea region will be held from 7th to 9th of December this year. “It is in bad times when you realize who your real friends are”             … Read More

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) 2016 in Shenzhen

One of the biggest exhibitions for consumer electronics and the trend-setter for the largest consumer market in the world will be held in November this year. You will also get a support for making a wider network while you are in Shenzen! China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) 2016 in Shenzen, the largest exhibition in China for consumer… Read More

Food and beverages in China

What if you could reach 500 million people with your product? How would that affect your sales? China has an appetite for foreign produced food, and some products within food and beverage have less strict trade barriers than others. The Chinese food and beverage market is extremely diverse and one of the largest in the world,… Read More

Chinese Aquaculture

Opportunities in Chinese aquaculture

China is today the worlds largest aquaculture production nation. Most of the aquaculture production in China is land based solutions. The current challenges of pollution, disease and genetic degradation in China, create a need to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and technology for the country’s development towards a more sustainable direction. This process creates business opportunities for Norwegian… Read More

Ship in floating dock

Building new vessels for growing ocean research activities in China

General-purpose oceanographic research vessels are becoming hot tenderee among Chinese shipyards. This is a new opportunity for Norwegian offshore & maritime equipment suppliers. Chinese universities with ambitions to carry out ocean-oriented scientific research programs are planning or have placed orders to build their own research vessels. These universities will become new ship-owners in the coming… Read More

China-Europe block train

En ny silkevei på skinner – utbygging av jernbanenettet og togtrafikken i Kina

Kinas økonomiske vekst er kjent, det samme er landets voldsomme satsning på infrastruktur. Omfattende utbygging av jernbanenettet og togtrafikken i Kina er derfor ikke noe nytt. Det nye er utviklingen av komplekse «direkteruter» til Europa med avstander på opptil 13.000 kilometer. Begreper som «Den nye silkeveien» er treffende. Dette vil endre handelsmønstre, åpne nye markeder… Read More