Join the Indian Edtech Revolution!

With an internet penetration of 500 million and more than 25% of the population below 25 years of age, the business potential for edtech in India is for all to see. Add to this the rising disposable income, growing number of job seekers and dissatisfaction with the current education system, and you have a clear… Read More

Healthcare business opportunities in India

The healthcare sector is among the largest sectors in India and has been attracting foreign players. It is crucial that foreign companies have the necessary knowledge about the sector to be able to penetrate the market. Large Sector The Indian healthcare sector is among the largest sectors in India both in terms of revenue and employment… Read More

Opportunities for Norwegian Companies in the Indian Aerospace & Defence Sector

India has a huge defense sector, with a great need for modernization. The market opportunity for aerospace and defence (A&D) electronics in India is pegged to be at USD 70-72 billion in next 10-12 years. The Navy and Coast Guard could be a promising market for the Norwegian maritime sector. The Government of India has… Read More

Are you Ready to be India’s Energy Efficiency Star?

Energy demand and consumption in India has been increasing continuously owing to rising income, accelerated industrialization, urbanization and population growth. The Energy demand has increased from 572 Mtoe in 2003-2004 to 842 Mtoe in 2016-2017. This is further expected to rise to 1560 Mtoe in 2026-2027.  Given this exponential rise in demand, it becomes imperative… Read More

Solar Power in India: A 100 GW Market

The ratification of Paris treaty by India on 2nd October 2016 highlights India’s commitment towards low carbon growth and reducing its current share of 4.1 % of global carbon emissions. At CoP 21 India has not only committed to reduce emission intensity by 30 – 33 % by year 2030, but also achieve an energy… Read More

Advantage India: Investment Opportunities Galore

India’s attractiveness as a target for foreign investment is based on many factors, but some of the most important are the sheer size of the domestic market fuelled by growing purchasing power and size of the Indian middle class, successive democratically elected governments and a vast pool of talented workforce. As per the World Investment… Read More

Geothermal Energy in India

Renewable energy in India is growing leaps and bound under government ambitious plan of enhancing renewable capacity to 175 GW by 2022. While solar and wind continue to drive this initiative, new and upcoming technologies such as geothermal, ocean and tidal are being promoted to enhance renewable share to 25 % in energy mix, from… Read More

Welcoming the Indian film & tourism industry to Norway

The huge Indian film industry are shooting more scenes in Norway in recent years. This opens up for tourism and business opportunites for companies working with transport, creative industries and more. The shooting of Hollywood film The Snowman based on Jo Nesbø’s famous novel made headlines in Norway and globally recently. At the same time, another… Read More

Smart opportunities in Indian smart grid – Norwegian delegation in T-3 to India

India is poised to be the 3rd largest smart grid market globally over next couple of years, and the market in India is expected to cross 7000 million USD over next five years. In this process, there will be a lot of opportunities for Norwegian companies. Indian smart grids today India lays an important focus on managing… Read More

Opportunities in India’s Maritime Sector

India has a maritime heritage that dates back thousands of years and has heavily influenced the evolution of Indian society. However in independent India, the sector has never received the kind of attention it has in the last two years. This is reflected in a number of policies and initiatives: Granting of infrastructure status to… Read More