Smart opportunities in Indian smart grid – Norwegian delegation in T-3 to India

India is poised to be the 3rd largest smart grid market globally over next couple of years, and the market in India is expected to cross 7000 million USD over next five years. In this process, there will be a lot of opportunities for Norwegian companies. Indian smart grids today India lays an important focus on managing… Read More

Opportunities in India’s Maritime Sector

India has a maritime heritage that dates back thousands of years and has heavily influenced the evolution of Indian society. However in independent India, the sector has never received the kind of attention it has in the last two years. This is reflected in a number of policies and initiatives: Granting of infrastructure status to… Read More

Hydropower – powering a green India

Two-thirds of the Indian hydropower potential is yet to be used. There are opportunities for Norwegian companies in a wide range of areas. With the seventh largest hydropower production globally, Indian hydropower segment offers a rich hunting ground for Norwegian hydropower stakeholders. Despite a capacity of 41 GW of installed hydro projects and an additional 13… Read More


Startup India!

Indian technology start-ups landscape has seen a “tremendous” growth in the emergence of innovative start-ups and creative entrepreneurs. India ranks third among global startup ecosystems according to IT industry body Nasscom. India is also one of the five largest startup communities in the world with the number of start-ups crossing 4,200. In India, three to four… Read More

Indian Renewable Sector – enormous opportunities

In order to keep up with economic growth, India will need to increase four times its current installed capacity of renewable energy. This opens a number of opportunities for Norwegian companies. Growth India expects its growth rate to remain between 7 – 8 % over the next decade, but success of any economy depends on… Read More

The blue revolution in India

There are opportunities in the Marine Sector in India. It’s a growing industry, and there are opportunities within capture fisheries, aquaculture, fish genetics and biotechnology, harvest and post harvest, fishery engineering and education. The ‘fisheries and aquaculture sector‘ is recognized as the sunshine sector in Indian agriculture. It stimulates growth of number of subsidiary industries… Read More

Indian offshore wind power – unlimited opportunities!

India is one of the largest wind energy markets in the world, and the new offshore wind policy provides companies with several good incentives to enter this market. India is blessed with a long coastline of 7500 Kilometers with persistent wind speeds between 6 m/s to 14 m/s within 12 nautical Miles. To take advantage… Read More

Waste management

Participate in India Waste & Water Forum

India is currently going through a phase of modernization and revamp for treatment of waste of all kinds. Opportunities are emerging in the areas of treatment of sewage water, conservation and harvesting of rain water and recycling of industrial water. We invite you to participate in India Waste & Water Forum to exhibit Norwegian competence… Read More