Japanese-Norwegian partnership in developing a carbon neutral hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen produced from Norwegian renewable power can succeed in the Japanese energy market. Japan and Norway are both globally prominent energy nations and are investing considerably in R&D as well as in commercialization of technology. While Norway is gifted with rich natural resources and is a net exporter of primary energy, Japan is a globally considerable… Read More

Aging population in Japan creates demand for advanced medical devices

The Japanese market for medical devices and materials are among the world’s largest, and is expected to keep growing due to the country’s aging population. This challenge increases the demand for advanced medical technologies. The market is heavily dependent on imports for sophisticated technologies. Japan is facing an aging population, already noticing its effect There… Read More

Big in Japan! Muligheter for norske musikere i musikkmarkedet

Det japanske musikkmarkedet er det nest største i verden etter USA, og det preges av mange subkulturer og et kvalitetsbevisst publikum med interesse for et bredt spekter av sjangere. Markedet for ikke-japansk musikk er ikke veldig stort, og norske musikere som ønsker å opptre i Japan møter svært høy konkurranse, samt utfordrende kultur- og språkbarrierer.… Read More

Japan has a taste for Norwegian design!

Japan is probably an interesting market for Norwegian designers. The Japanese consumer is detail-oriented and quality conscious. Good Norwegian design with an interesting story might find some open doors into the Japanese market. There are many examples of forerunners from Norway in Japan. Ekornes, Stokke and Helly Hansen are some of the companies that have… Read More

Opportunities in Japan for aspiring mobile game developers

The growing demand for handheld consoles has created great opportunities for mobile game developers seeking an opening into the Japanese market. Innovation Norway Japan is creating an extensive network for connecting “you” with Japanese consumers. With the big companies focusing hugely on expensive games that take longer to develop, the rate of traditional game releases is… Read More

Japan. Foto: Geir Haugum / Innovasjon Norge

The Japanese «energiewende» brings business opportunities

The most significant energy market reform in Japan since 1950s are now taking place. April 1st this year was an significant date for the energy industry in Japan. From this date all consumers – from single households to manufacturing industries like Toyota – can freely choose electricity suppliers apart from the traditional incumbent power utilities.… Read More