Have you considered the biogas market in Europe? We did that for you.

  What we learned from doing a cross-offices research on biogas markets in Europe. Conclusion from The Norwegian Water resources and energy directorate (NVE) was that there are good possibilities to increase the use of waste from fish farms, sewage heat, agricultural residues and macro- and microalgae. By developing a Norwegian system solutions, companies can both… Read More


Frankfurt is taking position as FinTech market

Deutsche Börse’s FinTech Hub seeks potential partners for building a first network between Norwegian start-ups and their German counterparts and hubs. Norway, with its young and vibing start-up scene and its advanced measures within FinTech, have great potential in Germany. In 2016, Germany was ranked as the fourth largest FinTech market in in the world.… Read More

Bits & pretzels: Bavaria could be the place for your tech-company

Silicon Valley, New York and Tokyo are leading hubs that are probably most associated with high-tech, startups and innovation. What, if you didn’t have to look so far away to find an active startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation and scientific development? Innovation Norway is now paving the way for Norwegian entrepreneurs in the south of… Read More

E-mobility: Germany continues to go forward

The number of officially registered electric and hybrid cars is rising in Germany. This means the recharging infrastructure also has to grow. Therefore, a syndicate of leading car manufacturers has established a joint venture for the development of a public infrastructure of quick charging stations. This initiative can provide a good opportunity for Norwegian companies,… Read More

The Deep Sea Mining Adventure: German stakeholders want a future cooperation with Norway

Recently, Germany presented the results of the examination of its Deep Sea Mining area of manganese nodules in the Pacific Ocean.  Germany needs partners for mining and transport of nodules. Norway was mentioned of  as a favored partner for these activities due to competencies within maritime and offshore technologies. The German Federal Government has obtained… Read More

The demand for energy storage in Germany is on the rise

Germany has a high number of installed renewables and a supportive policy structure that is driving the energy storage market. The market offers opportunities for players across the energy storage value chain as Germany needs reliable and efficient technologies to transform the energy system. Based on the Paris climate agreement from October 2016, Germany has… Read More

Germany is looking for solutions to recycle rare earth elements (REE)

Rare earth elements (REE) are 17 elements* which can be naturally found in the earth crust. The demand for REEs has been rising the past years and is predicted to continue to grow in the near future. The consumption of REEs is expected to more than double from approx. 108,000 ton in 2006 up to… Read More

Good opportunities in Germany: The German agriculture is in search of innovative solutions

Nearly half of the German national territory is used agriculturally (16.7 of 35.7 million hectares; 46.7%). The utilized agricultural area can be divided in 71% farmland, 27.8% permanent grassland (for animal feed and grazing) and 1.2% permanent crops (e.g. wine and fruit). Grain is cultivated on more than the half of the arable farm land (6.5… Read More

New eating habits develop business opportunities in Germany

nno Germany is one of the largest organic grocery markets in Europe and a large importer of organic products. The German “Bio” market had a 4,8 % turnover increase in 2014 and a market volume of 7,91 billion Euro in total. The new lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) is not only about food –… Read More

CO2: How to use it as a resource

A world-wide increase of demand for energy is predicted and that goes hand in hand with an increase of CO2 emissions. To protect the climate, research on technologies and on processes that utilize CO2 is being conducted. In a workshop on November 18 and 19, 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany, experts will discuss how to use… Read More