Fremtidens energiløsninger i Polen

The Norwegian Innovation Day, organisert av Innovasjon Norge med støtte fra ambassaden, var en av de mest populære hendelsene under den årlige energikonferansen i Poznań den 8.mai. Innovasjon Norge presenterte sju norske teknologibedrifter med fokus på fremtidens energiløsninger. Polen er for tiden i en overgangsperiode, der en går bort fra kull og brunkull, som står… Read More

Have you considered the biogas market in Europe? We did that for you.

  What we learned from doing a cross-offices research on biogas markets in Europe. Conclusion from The Norwegian Water resources and energy directorate (NVE) was that there are good possibilities to increase the use of waste from fish farms, sewage heat, agricultural residues and macro- and microalgae. By developing a Norwegian system solutions, companies can both… Read More

Increased interest in development of land based aquaculture in Poland

 The Polish fish processing industry is one of the largest in Europe and continues to grow. An increasing demand for fish products and support from EU funding is triggering investments in aquaculture. Other Scandinavian countries are already taking advantage of this growth and Norwegian companies should also seize this opportunity. The Polish fish processing industry… Read More